Common Marathon Injuries

Athlete holding their lower leg

Below are some of the most common marathon injuries we see here in at Archview:

Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is a strip of tendon tissue that joins the calf muscles at the rear of the lower leg to the heel bone. It’s a typical problem among athletes who run or jump in their training, and it’s especially prevalent during marathon preparation. Overuse, tight calf muscles, and insufficient footwear are all factors that can contribute to Achilles’ tendinitis. This disorder can be treated with rest, ice, or heat packs at first. However, physiotherapy, dry needling and corrective insoles or better runners can help with this disorder.

Plantar Fasciitis

Inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes and maintains the arch of the foot, is one of the most prevalent causes of heel discomfort. It is mainly caused by overuse. It’s commonly linked to high arched or flat feet, and it’s made worse by wearing the wrong shoes. A physiotherapist can treat and provide specific strengthening and stretching exercises to help ease this problem.

Muscle Injuries

Strains are muscle tears that develop when muscle fibres are overused, strained, or exercised past their limits. Muscle strains and injuries in the hamstrings, lower leg muscles, and lower back are common and cause a lot of pain. A physiotherapy program might help to condition the muscles that are damaged.

Runner’s Knee

Patellofemoral syndrome, popularly known as runner’s knee, is primarily caused by overuse.  Specific running styles and poor foot control can also play a role. Runner’s knee causes pain at the front of the knee, beneath or behind the kneecap (patella). It is produced by the posterior surface of the patella colliding with the femur. Rest, special stretches, and exercises recommended by your therapist, as well as wearing the proper footwear, can help you overcome this painful illness.

Shin Splints

Shin splints is a catch-all term for pain in the shins that is commonly caused by overuse of your shin muscles. It could be caused by medial tibial stress syndrome, which happens when the lower leg muscles pull on the periosteum, generating painful sensations. Overuse or overloading are the most common causes of shin pain, although it can also be caused by insufficient muscular flexibility or poor foot biomechanics. Rest, conditioning, and stretching before and after training, as well as physiotherapy, dry needling, corrective insoles, and sports massage, can all aid in recovery.

Stress Fractures

Long-distance running puts a lot of strain on the bones, which can lead to stress fractures in some circumstances. Small hairline cracks can develop in bones such as the tibia, fibula, femur, metatarsals, and navicular bones, can form. Stress fractures can be excruciatingly painful and not left untreated.

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