Ergonomic Tips:

There is a whole science called ergonomics that is concerned with how people design and arrange things and interact with them efficiently and safely. Like your work desk for example. Use these 4 quick and easy ergonomic tips to improve your posture, allow the spine to stay upright, take pressure off the spinal joint and discs and muscles around the back, neck, shoulders and pelvis.

Tip 1:

Have all your computer devices or screens centred, the top of the screen should be at eye level. If you have more than one, ensure there is an even space between them.

Tip 2:

Ensure you’re sitting back fully into the chair with your feet placed flat on the floor. Your knee joint should be in line with or slightly lower than your hip. If they are higher this will cause your lower back to slump and put more pressure through the discs of your spine.

Tip 3:

A lumbar roll can help with improving your sitting posture. They should be placed in the curve of your lower back. We would recommend using a McKenzie Lumbar Roll, which we sell at our clinic. Be aware when you first start using one that it will take some time for your spine to adjust.

Tip 4:

Your elbows should be fully supported on the table in front as you type or on the armrest of your chair provided it is in line with the desk. You may need to push your computer and keyboard away from you so that the keyboard is at forearm distance. This will allow your neck muscles to be relaxed and will also take pressure off the discs in your spine.

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At Archview Physiotherapy Clinic we can assess and treat bad posture. With physiotherapy treatment in conjunction with these tips you’ll be able to sit pain free at your desk in no time. If you have any enquiries please contact our reception desk on 014913228 or email us at

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