Joint pain

Joint pain is commonly treated in our physiotherapy clinics. It can be caused by any damage or disease that affects the internal or external structures of the joint. Pain arising from external joint structures are ligaments, tendons, bone and bursa. Pain from internal structures can arise from cartilage, meniscus ( cartilage of the knee) and capsule.

You can experience pain in the joints through injury or disease. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can cause severe pain within the affected joint which will be treated by both physiotherapy and medications. In some cases, rest and splinting is needed to settle pain where disease is the root factor affecting the joint.

Joint pain caused by injuries e.g lateral ligament tears of the knee seen commonly in twisting injuries can be treated by physiotherapy very successfully. Joint pain caused by meniscal tears are usually treated by physiotherapy and  rest from high impact activities and in some cases the cartilage must be repaired by an orthopaedic consultant. The consultant will do either an arthroscope or MRI to investigate the damage before the do surgery. Patients attending the clinic with joint pain are usually as a result of a direct injury, postural or overuse of the joint during work or sport.