The sEMG (surface electromyogram) Scan

Archview physiotherapy has invested in the world’s leading spinal scan technology which detects a build up of muscle tension in your spine.

Our spinal muscle scan is a very simple and non-invasive test measuring the amount of electrical activity released from contracting muscles, more commonly known as muscle tension. It also looks at the muscle pull from one side of your spine to the other.

Two probes are held against the muscles on either side of your spine providing immediate results in the form of a graph. Specific colours will indicate levels of tension:

  • Blue = Average
  • Green = Moderately high
  • Red = High levels of tension
  • Yellow = Abnormally low or fatigued muscles.

The sEMG (surface electromyogram) measures the muscles tension at various vertebral levels by detecting the electrical current going through the muscles on each side of the spine. An analysis is then done to measure the difference in muscle tension from the left to the right of the spine for carious vertebral levels. This is helpful in identifying how much strain is being applied on the vertebra by the muscle that could potentially pull them out of alignment. For further questions please contact reception on 014913228.

Osteopath Therapist conducting a spinal scan on patient
Image of a print our in colour of spinal scan for patient