Dublin City Marathon: Pre / Post- Marathon Massage Sessions!

The marathon training is in full swing for the Dublin City Marathon and  many participants don’t allow their bodies to recover enough in between sessions or long-distance runs.

In order to for your body to recover it is obviously important to keep hydration levels up and keep track of nutrition, ensuring you are eating enough protein for cell repair and growth and enough carbohydrates to give you the energy you need. Rest days are really important to allow the body to recover and a massage on a rest day can aid recovery even further.  Many athletes opt for a massage on a rest day or even go for pre or post-training/event massages to ensure they can give their best possible performance and to have a speedy recovery afterwards.

A pre-event massage will focus on increasing blood flow, flexibility and essentially warm up and keep the muscles loose, it will also decrease stiffness post event.

A post-event massage has many physiological benefits also, for example, it will aid recovery by flushing out lactic acid and reducing post-marathon soreness. It also has psychological benefits as many athletes will report that going for a massage post-event will lift their mood as well as help their body feel better.

If you are one of the 22,500 people taking part in the Dublin City Marathon this week, book in with one of our massage therapists at Archview Physiotherapy Clinic for a pre or post marathon massage! Call us on 014913228 or email info@archviewclinic.ie to book in now as we will fill up FAST!

Best of luck to all participants!

Preparing for Dublin Marathon 2014?

The big day is nearly here! With only 34 days left before the SEE Airtricity Dublin Marathon 2014 Archview Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic would like to offer some tips on both injury prevention and management. As every runner will know, the biggest fear whilst training is developing an injury which side-lines you from running for any period of time. Runners following a training programme have a tendency to focus on building endurance and speed, neglecting stretching. The benefits of a flexible body include; better efficiency of movement, greater improvements in strength and endurance, increased range of motion, less vulnerability to injury and faster recovery. Regular stretching is a must!! However, there is only so much stretching and foam rolling will do in the later phase of training. If you are looking to gain that last bit of muscle length you may require hands-on treatment such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy and dry needling. Alternatively you may benefit from a personalised stretching programme incorporating the best dynamic, static and active stretches for you. At Archview Physiotherapy Clinic we are committed to helping runners get the best preparation, avoid pre/post-race injury and cross the finish line on October 27th.

How Can We Help You Cross The Finish Line?

  • Pre-race Advice: Providing individually tailored training advice for athletes at all levels. This may include exercise pacing, scheduling active rest periods or how best to overcome injury in training.
  • Physiotherapy: If you are suffering from any training injuries a Chartered physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and treat your injury to help you perform your best on race day. This may include dry needling, sports massage, trigger point therapy, Kinesio-taping, exercises and stretching.
  • Orthotic Prescription: Appropriate footwear and support for running is essential for optimum performance.  Orthotic’s such as an insole may be able to give you the support you require for those long runs.
  • Post-race Treatment: If you get an injury during the race or are suffering from DOMS a physiotherapist can help. Massage, mobilisation and exercise can help speed up your recovery and aid injury prevention.

Call us on 01 491 3228 or email info@archviewclinic.ie for an appointment.

Best of Luck!!