Sports Massage

At Archview Physiotherapy we have a team of massage therapists working 7 days a week. Our massage therapists conduct each massage uniquely to suit the clients needs.  All our massage sessions are 60 minutes long. However, you can request a longer massage time.  Your therapist will firstly ask where your problem areas are. If you want to have extra time spent on a specific area please do let us know. Our aim is to make sure you get the most out of the 60 minutes with us and feel great from your massage treatment with us. We also recommend that you let your therapist know what type of pressure you prefer –  soft, medium , deep or extra deep. With a sports massage the therapists starts off with a medium pressure to soften the knots and then will increase the pressure to deep to fully dissolve them until your back, neck and limbs feel soft and relaxed!

With a 60 minutes sports massage your masseuse will recommend that more focus is spent on areas that you are more prone to muscle overload and tightness based on the sport you play or exercises you perform. For instance; Runners usually opt for 60 minutes working on gluts, lower back and legs. Tennis players usually opt for mid back, neck, shoulders and arm muscles.  Its very important to maintain good flexibly and length in your muscles as you train so to avoid sporting injuries. A sports massage is a lovely way to treat your muscles after a long hard week of training. We are open on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also find us on facebook and twitter for discount rates on massage. Its also important to note that your massage may be claimable with your health insurance. We recommend that you contact your provider to find out if you can claim back on your day to day expense. If you are applicable to claim back from your provider why not avail of it each year. Its a win win!

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