AMMA Therapy

Alexandra Earl is qualified in AMMA Therapy. She offers AMMA as an individual treatment or in combination with a 60min massage. She explains the benefits below:

Written by Alexandra Earl

AMMA Therapy is a Korean form of massage. The word AMMA literally means ‘push-pull’. AMMA Therapy uses the same principles as Acupuncture and other forms of Eastern medicine. When our bodies experience ‘dis-ease’, an AMMA therapist will use different objective and subjective methods of assessing the patient to find where these imbalances are and work out a treatment plan. Through gentle circular thumb and finger manipulation and pressure, AMMA stimulates acupressure points and acupuncture meridians that are linked to different organ systems in the body. The massage itself is done dry with no lotion or oils needed, so the option for the patient to be fully clothed is available.

AMMA Therapy is an excellent form of complimentary treatment for a wide variety of ailments from muscular and neurological, to internal organ function and even emotional well being. Introduced in America by Tina Sohn, a Korean born practitioner who herself suffered from gangrene as a young aspiring Olympic swimmer. After being mended back to health by her wise grandmother, Tina brought the teachings of AMMA to America where she and her husband began a Wholistic Health Centre that eventually became the accredited college The New York College for Health Professionals in Long Island, New York.