Patients who are attending the clinic can now avail of a range of services. See list below. We are located at both Ranelagh and Dundrum. Our Ranelagh Clinic is open 7 days per week. Bookings can be made by calling 014913228.


All of our physiotherapists are manual therapists which basically means we use a ‘hands on’ approach to treatment. We use a range of manual therapy techniques to achieve our aim of pain relief and improve function. At Archview Physiotherapy we use McKenzie, Cyriax and Maitland techniques.

Image of a physiotherapists treating Low back pain

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a revolutionary approach to treating muscle pain and poor flexibility. Muscles can build up painful trigger point knots from over exercise or poor posture. These knots can cause mild to severe muscle pain and stiffness. Dry needling is excellent for treating this and getting results fast.

A woman having painful knots released with Dry Needling

Massage Therapy

Massage is an essential part of any physiotherapy treatment and injury prevention programme. We offer different types of massage based  on our clients needs. If you want to just unwind and switch your mind off from the stresses of life and work then no better way to this by booking a massage.

A woman relaxing while having an orthopaedic massage


Orthotics are shoe insoles which are inserted into your shoe wear to help improve your foot and ankle alignment. There are different types of orthotic devices which we prescribe at the clinic. We can prescribe simple off the shelf devices to more custom made devised to suit your exact needs.

Orthotics 150x150

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a branch of pilates which focuses on strengthening your core and postural muscles whilst improving flexibility of your spine. Its ideal for desk workers, sports persons or new mums. Our physiotherapists can identify areas of stiffness, pain or weakness and design a class unique to you.

pilates-150x150 (1)

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is vital for muscles to work well and to prevent injures occurring. Most people don’t stretch adequately before or after exercise, which leaves them susceptible to an injury while exercising. Our physiotherapists will teach you how to properly stretch and develop a stretching programme unique to you.



Kinesio-taping is a relatively new taping approach to treating sporting injuries and alignment problems. The kinesio-tape comes in different colours. It can be used to lengthen muscles and it also may be used to help a muscle to strengthen. Common uses: Sport injuries, back and neck pain.