Poor biomechanics of your feet such as fallen arches for example can lead to problems with your knees, hips, back and even neck. A chartered physiotherapist who specialises in this area will be able to identify through assessment if your presenting issue could be due to poor foot biomechanics and therefore address whether you may need an corrective insert for your shoe such as an orthotic.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics shoe inserts made from semi-rigid or soft material are used to correct the biomechanical alignment of your foot and ankle joint. They are primarily used for people who have over-pronated (flat arch) or supinated (high arch) foot types. By doing so they can help improve the alignment of your knees, hips and spine. They are designed to be worn in your foot wear. They help control the movement of the foot and this can help relieve stress and pain on the joints of the foot and lower limbs.

If you are experiencing any foot, knee, hip or back pain you could ask your physiotherapist to assess to see whether orthotics would help with your problem.

Cost of orthotics:

Prescription insoles: €45-70

Casted orthotics: €250-€275(Excl. casting session)

Carbon flex: €200 (Excl. assessment)

If you require additional add-ons; for instance heel raises or met domes an additional cost of €8 per addition is charged. This is not applicable for prescription insoles.

Orthotics 150x150
orthotics 1-150x150