Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)is an autoimmune disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. There is no definite known cause for why people get MS. it can come in the form of either progressive or relapsing. The nerves of the spinal cord and brain are covered with a fatty sheath called Myelin. The Myelin helps nerve impulses transmit smoothly throughout the body. The body attacks the myelin in MS patients and results in a disruption to the nerve impulses. Scar tissue ( sclerosis) can occur at these points of damage causing permanent neural damage.

Patients may initially experience symptoms such as:

1) Motor changes e.g. muscle spasms.

2) Sensory changes e.g pins and needles, electrical sensations down the back, numbness

3) C0-ordination difficulties

4) visual disturbances. e.g blurred vision

5) Poor balance

Physiotherapy play a very important part in the life of a MS patients . Early days includes proper education of fitness and health. When the disease is relapsing sometimes the symptoms will completely disappear but in others semi to permanent damage can remain. Physiotherapy is aimed at maintaining muscle condition, joint range of movement and working on retraining balance and coordination.

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