Treatment for Neck Pain

Research has shown that up to 70% of people will suffer neck pain at some stage in their life. In about 5% of people their neck pain will significantly impacts on their daily lives. At the archview clinic your chartered physiotherapist will carry out a detailed assessment to discover the cause of your neck pain. Neck pain along with back pain is one of the most commonly treated problems in muscloskeletal clinics today. This is thought to be due to the increase in sedentary jobs such as desk jobs. Neck pain can present with arm pain or headaches and can come on as a result of a trauma e.g. whiplash or more gradually e.g. arthritis.

Our neck muscles, joints, ligaments and discs are prone to injury when we have adapted a poor posture. It is for this reason neck pain is commonly seen in desk workers or those who work off laptops, iphones and tablet devises. However, we do see lots of patient who wake up with a crick in their neck too! Physiotherapy will help restore the lost range of movement and decrease your pain. You will be provided with postural strengthening programme to work on at home. Our therapists are hands on therapists releasing joint stiffness through mobilsations and manipulations. We use many manual therapy techniques. Some include: McKenzie Method, Maitland, Nags and Snags. Manipulations and Cyriax. We also have a team of Massage Therapists who work with our physiotherapists to rehabilitate our patients.

We also use dry needling to treat many of our neck pain patients. It is an excellent technique to help relieve painful muscle knots that build up every day from sitting at desk, carrying heavy bags or children or just general muscle tension that build with stress. Not all muscle knots will cause pain but when they do they can be very painful and even radiate pain from the source of the knot. Theses painful muscle knots are called active trigger points which can be very easily treated with dry needling. Dry needling Therapy is so effective, providing immediate results. This is a treatment we recommend to try if you haven’t already. This treatment is administered by the physiotherapists.

Your physiotherapist will provide you with advice on your work station if your neck pain is due to bad posture at work. We recommend you bring with you a photo of you at your desk if you would like to discuss how you can make changes that can help with your posture at work

Woman sitting at desk feeling sore neck from looking down at laptop
A woman with Kinesio-tape of her shoulder and neck
A man having his rotator cuff muscles treated
Physiotherapist massaging tight neck muscles and gently stretching to relieve pain
A woman having painful knots released with Dry Needling