Interferential Therapy

What is Interferential therapy?

It is a low-level frequency electrical current, used in physiotherapy which works on pain relief. Its basic idea is that it works by reducing the perception of painful stimulus by numbing the neuromuscular junctions so that the brain doesn’t detect the otherwise painful toxic stimulus.

Its is very like TENS (transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation) but has a stronger frequency. TENS is a machine, which patients often use at home to help with painful periods or can be used during labor.

What are the benefits?

  1.   Pain relief
  2.   Increase blood flow
  3.   Relaxation and stress relief
  4.   Increase flexibility by reducing pain

What is Interferential therapy commonly used for?

  1.   Back and neck pain
  2.   Painful muscle spasms
  3.   During labor
  4.   Painful muscle/joints
  5.   Arthritis

If you have a condition that you think might benefit from this therapy, speak to your physiotherapist.

Interferential therapy on the knee