Massage Therapy 

At Archview Physiotherapy,  we conduct all our massage therapies by senior massage therapists. Our Massage Therapists are experts in the field of muscle discomfort! Your massage will be tailored to suit your needs specifically targeting your problem areas! Our 60 minute massage rate is €50 Monday-Saturday and €60 on Sundays. You can opt an extra long massage appointments. For charges please contact reception on 014913228.

Sports Massage is a great way to help the prevention of a sports injury, maintain and improve the flexibility of your muscles as you train and play sport. A sports massage is a deep tissue massage which will focus on relieving painful knots that build up from strenuous exercise. Your therapist will be able to tell you what muscles are prone to tension build up from the sport that you play. Therefore your massage is tailor made to suit your needs. Our therapists have many years of experience in treating muscle pain and sports injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage that will give you great relief from long standing stubborn muscle knots.  Our therapists will be able to identify your problematic areas with the touch of a hand! However, your input before your massage begins is always an extra bonus so please do let us know your main problems so we can focus on these over your hour treatment. We want you to get the best value for money!

Orthopaedic Massage is massage which is specifically designed to help relieve pain, tightness and tension in muscles of the neck and back. Your  therapist will therapeutically assess your back and will be able to identify the muscles which are overworked or stressed from daily activities, such as prolonged desk work and heavy manual work. This type of massage is also very helpful for those who suffer with occasional back tension and headaches. Your therapist will start releasing the muscle nodules around your neck and work down the back towards the gluteal muscle group.  You will feel much more relaxed after this massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Please note: We now have holistic therapies on offer which aid in stress relief and relaxation such as Reiki and reflexology. Ask reception about our combo sessions of 60 minute reflexology and massage.

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Physiotherapist massaging tight neck muscles and gently stretching to relieve pain
Physiotherapist treating ALC Tears
Woman relaxing while getting a back massage
A woman being treated for neck pain and headaches