Massage Therapy 

Archview Physiotherapy is a musculoskeletal, pain and sports injury clinic, that has a team of massage therapists working at our clinic in Ranelagh.

Our massage therapists conduct 55 and 30 minute Massage Therapy treatments. Massage therapy helps relieve pain, tightness and tension in specific muscles, that have built up due to stress, poor posture and injury. Our current team offering massage therapies are: Toni Teggin, Christopher Downey,  Ciaran Mahon, Yasmin Bain and coming soon Martina Tomas. If you do wish to claim back on your health insurance, be aware of what registered body each of the therapists are affiliated. See team page.

Our therapists are experts in the field of muscle discomfort, so your massage will be tailored to target your problem areas, however we do advice that you let you therapist know your most problematic areas before the massage begins. After your massage, you may be given advice or some stretches to work on at home. You can opt an extra long massage appointments, however these must be booked via the reception desk. Please call reception on 014913228.

Sports Massage is a great way to help the prevention of a sports injury, maintain and improve the flexibility of your muscles as you train and play sport. A sports massage is a deep tissue massage which will focus on relieving painful knots that build up from strenuous exercise. Your therapist will be able to tell you what muscles are prone to tension build up from the sport that you play. Therefore your massage is tailor made to suit your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage that will give you great relief from long standing stubborn muscle knots. Our therapists will be able to identify your problematic areas with the touch of a hand! However, your input before your massage begins is always an extra bonus so please do let us know your main problems so we can focus on these during your treatment so that we can get you the best value for money!

Orthopaedic and Cranial Base Massage is massage which is specifically designed to help relieve pain, tightness and tension in muscles of the neck and back. Your  therapist will therapeutically assess your back and will be able to identify the muscles which are tight and overloaded. This type of massage is also very helpful for those who suffer with occasional back, neck tension and headaches. You will feel much more flexible and relaxed after this massage.

Myofascial Massage  is massage which is specifically designed to help relieve tight fascia and muscle that is causing your pain or stiffness. This massage may include slow deep pressure over areas that are particularly stiff and manual stretching of the muscle using various techniques. If you have stiff joints, painful back of neck or have been suffering a sporting injury your therapist may tailor your massage using myofascial techniques.

Full body Holistic Massage: Some of our massage therapists offer full body massage. These massage therapy appointments are more soft to medium pressure massage and are great for relaxation! The therapist will not spend too long on your problem areas, so please note if you are looking for a more therapeutic massage we advise you opt for a general massage therapy treatment when booking and it can then be tailored to suit your needs.

Pregnancy Massage: We also offer pregnancy massage. We have very comfortable massage pillow’s that are specifically designed for pregnant women that allows you to lie on your tummy so that you can have your whole back and neck massaged. Its a real treat!

Hot Stone Massage: Coming soon!

Please note: Dry Needling is included in any massage therapy treatments at the clinic, however please ensure your therapist is qualified in this technique before making your booking.   

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Physiotherapist massaging tight neck muscles and gently stretching to relieve pain
Physiotherapist treating ALC Tears
Woman relaxing while getting a back massage
A woman being treated for neck pain and headaches