Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise which takes place in water. At Archview we can arrange sessions with a physiotherapist in a local heated pool. The temperature of the water relaxes the muscles and helps relieve pain and stiffness. Sessions last about 50 minutes. Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for painful conditions of the joints e.g. arthritis, or back pain where the buoyancy of the water can take the stress off the joints and decrease pain with movement.

Neurological conditions 

Those with Neurological conditions can find hydrotherapy helpful for retraining balance and improving strength. By taking gravity out of the equation, the patient may find that they can move more freely and therefore allow the muscles to lengthen and joints to begin to free up.

Some neurological conditions may not be suitable for hydrotherapy so an on land assessment at our Ranelagh clinic is necessary before commencing.

Sports Injuries 

Aerobic exercise in the water is really useful for athletes who cannot partake in full training due to an injury but want to maintain cardiovascular fitness. In this case you may just need advice from your Physiotherapist about what exercises would be beneficial for you in the pool.For further information or to arrange a session, please contact reception on 01-4913228.