Clinical Pilates

About: Pilates is a form of exercise which strengthens the muscles of the stomach, back and shoulders, to help improve your posture. Pilates is ideal for all desk workers who are sitting for long periods of time. It is also suitable for those suffering with back and neck pain, recurrent sporting injuries and osteoporosis. Pilates helps maintain a healthy spine, through flexibility and strengthening exercises.

We are no longer holding clinical Pilates group classes. However, we are taking bookings for 1:1 Mat Pilates. These classes are specifically designed and tailored to suit the needs of each person. Toni Teggin, CORU registered physical therapist is taking 1:1 classes. Toni’s classes are €40 per 30 mins, or €70 per hour. It is advisable to do 3-5 1:1 clinical Pilates classes, before joining a group class in your local area if you are suffering with back and neck issues. Your Pilates may be redeemable through your health insurance provider.

Current Instructor: 

  • Toni Teggin, CORU Registered Physical Therapist

If you are interested in 1:1 Pilates, call 01-4913228 for all bookings and enquires or email [email protected]

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woman doing clinical pilates