Neuro Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Care for Neurological injuries and Diseases

Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the central nervous system, that being the brain and spinal cord.  Neurological problems can occur through injuries like car accidents, whereby you may injure the spinal cord or brain tissue. However, they can also occur through diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.Injuries to the nervous system cause more impact on an individual life than injuries to muscles and/or bones. Recovery can be very slow and in some cases damage can be permanent.This area of physiotherapy is specialised and it is very important that early intervention is made to promote healing and help improve flexibility of muscles, range of motion of joints and quality of independent movements that have been affected by the injury or disease to the central nervous system.

Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat neurological conditions and their aim is to retrain your movementpattern, and restore your functional ability within the limits of the condition being experienced.  Strengthening and stretching exercises are commonly used as well as electrotherapy modalities which can help muscle stimulation. Advice from your physiotherapist on the best way to move and tips on pacing and relaxation techniques can be really beneficial in coping with aneurological injury or disease. A holistic approach will be taken looking at how the condition is affecting your overall function and quality of life so that a treatment programme can be devised around your specific needs.

Our patients can be treated in their own home or at the clinic. We also offer hydrotherapy to our patients as part of their rehabilitation programme.

Neuro Rehabilitation -150x150
Neuro Rehabilitation 150x150

Some of the most common neurological conditions we treat are:

  1. Stroke Rehabilitation
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Parkinson’s Disease
  4. Cerebral Palsy
  5. Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy
  6. Motor Neurone Disease
  7. Brachial Plexus Injuries
  8. Neuropathies (including diabetic neuropathy)
  9. Spinal cord injuries

We also provide physiotherapy services to nursing homes and respite centres. If you are unsure if your condition is suitable for physiotherapy please, call the clinic and speak to one of our physiotherapists on 014913228.

An image of a young man in a wheelchair happy to receive physiotherapy