Electrical stimulation

What is electrical stimulation?

Electrical stimulation or E-stimulation is commonly used in Physiotherapy to help increase the strength of weak muscles. It is used to “wake up” and to increase strength of skeletal muscle.

What are the benefits of E-stimulation?

  1. ‘Wakes up’ weak or inactive muscles
  2.  Helps improve muscle strength and endurance
  3.  Helps improve the muscle brain pathways
  4.  Helps increase blood supply
  5.  Helps reduce pain
  6.  Helps with joint movements by helping the associated muscles work better

What is E-stimulation commonly used for?

  1.  Post op knee or hip surgery
  2.  Abdominal strengthening after abdominal surgery e.g C-Section
  3.  Sports injuries e.g. muscle tear or strains
  4.  Post fracture e.g. helps strengthen muscles after long periods of muscle inactivity

If you have a condition that you think would benefit from E-stimulation, book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. They will carry out a full assessment then use a range of techniques to treat your pain and help you return to full function as quickly as possible.

Electrical stimulation applied to shoulder