Date: 10th June 2010

I would highly recommend the Archview Physiotherapy Clinic and Linsey is an exceptionally skilled physiotherapist. The muscles in my legs were very tight and inflexible and I found it very difficult and painful to walk or do any form of exercise or stretching. I tried many different physiotherapist, physical therapists etc. but they only seemed to give me temporary relief. I am amazed at what a positive change I’ve experienced since receiving treatment at the Archview Clinic and I would highly recommend the deep tissue needling as I receive immediate release in my muscles and my leg are far less constricted and I can now walk pain free.

Date: 09th November 2009

Recommended by a friend, to treat a hamstring, and they surpassed all expectations. I was much better with plenty of advice on how to train more effectively and have my muscles more Alert. I definitely will be back!(er but hopefully won’t need to!!)

Date: 29th October 2009

I have had to visit many physiotherapist’s over the past few years with the same recurring knee injury from playing rugby but the problem had never gone away. I was recommended by a friend to Linsey in Archview last Feb.Lyndsey really knows her stuff and has helped me solve the problem with my knee. The set up in Archview is excellent. The clinic is very modern, clean and they are very centrally located. I found the place very welcoming. Always good to get a recommendation and I would have no problem recommending them. Rob