Core Exercises

What are the core muscles?

The core muscles are not just the abdominal muscle as most think. They extend to the back and pelvic muscles.

What are the benefits of strengthening them?

The core muscles when weaken are one of the biggest reasons for back pain and neck pain to develop.  They help reduce the stresses, strains and loads on the spinal column, discs, and Joints. It is for this reason that people living a more inactive and sedentary lifestyle are more susceptible to back and neck pain. Sitting in a slouched position while at your desk or at home will feed into a weakened core. Sitting tall throughout the day will help strengthen your core. We teach core classes at archview physiotherapy. We have a lunchtime and evening classes. For regular updates find us on facebook our check out our blog page as we will post to these pages when the next classes are coming up.

The core muscles are also largely important in preventing sports injuries. They are the foundations for the limbs. Poor core strength will affect the strength, endurance and speed of which the arms and legs can act during sport.

Typical core exercises are:

Research has shown that the transverse abdominus muscle will weaken within 24 hours of experiencing low back pain. So if you have injured you back and experience pain it is important that the core muscles are re-trained to prevent further injury and pain.

women stretching her back at post natal pilates
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