Migraines and tension headache can be extremely debilitating and affect simple everyday tasks. If migraines and headaches affect you regularly you should book a consultation with one of our physiotherapists here at Archview Physiotherapy Clinic.

Our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment and management of headaches. Headaches occur in many migraine cases. Even though migraines are a medical complaint and require medication in many cases, our physiotherapists can help reduce the headache pain that is associated in patients who suffer with migraine.

They use a combination approach of physiotherapy, myofascial massage, posture correction, ergonomic assessment as well as dry needling. Dry needling is used to treat the trigger point muscle knots around the head, neck and shoulders that can cause pain to refer pain up into the head as seen in the diagram. Once these knots are released you should feel pain relief from your headache anywhere from between 1-24 hours after treatment. It has been proven to be an extremely effective technique to reduce and, in many cases, eliminate headaches.

If you wish to learn more or talk to one of our physiotherapists to see if dry needling can help you, book a consultation today by calling  014913228 or emailing us on info@archviewclinic.ie. We will work with you to figure out the best treatment plan to suit your needs.


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