Foam Rolling Exercises….Everybody’s Favourite Frenemy

Do you have tight muscles, suffer from injuries and muscular imbalances, feel stressed or experience tension in your body…then foam rolling is for you!!


Foam rollers are shaped like pool noodles and made from dense foam. They are often used to help massage and stretch sore muscles. Multiple types of foam rollers are available, with different sizes, firmness and colour.


Using a foam roller helps to stretch muscles and tendons, and breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. Foam rollers work by using the body’s natural response to pressure. You use your body weight and support some of your weight elsewhere, using your arms, adding more pressure as the muscles relax. By using body weight you can perform a self-massage or myofascial release, breaking up trigger points, soothing tight fascia, while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. On very tight spots, applying constant pressure may be better than rolling back and forth. By slowing rolling over areas of your body you can break up scar tissue, help speed up the recovery process and really stretch the muscle fascia.


When you are exercising you can roll over the entire body when warming up to stimulate the body and increase blood flow. After your workout go slowly and hold the roller in spots for longer while practising deep breathing. Foam rolling can be incorporated to intensify your normal workout, strengthen core muscles and challenge stability and balance.


ANYTIME! Foam rolling is both a recovery and preparatory tool. It’s a way to smooth or iron out connective tissue and tight muscles. Foam rolling increases circulation so the connective tissue and muscle are getting more oxygen and water than if you just stretched. You should foam roll, then lightly stretch those muscles and begin your exercise. This will give your muscles more flexibility and help your tight muscles release. If you are new to foam rolling take it easy with the pressure and gradually build up to deeper pressure.

At Archview Physiotherapy we use foam rolling as part of our overall physiotherapy approach when required. If you think could benefit from a foam rolling programme or want to learn new foam rolling techniques for your problem areas contact Archview Physiotherapy Pain and Sports Injury Clinic on 01 4913228/01 2963490 or at [email protected] for an appointment.