Good Desk Posture

Sitting for many hours on end is not good for anyone and can lead to terrible neck, back pain, and headaches. It has become one of the most common complaints seen in physiotherapy clinics throughout the world due to increased mobile phone, laptop usage and of course, computer-based desk work. Good desk posture can help to prevent pain.

desk posture causing pain

Our bodies are efficient and have been evolutionarily engineered to keep us working well and adapting to the stresses we put it under. However, even the most efficient musculoskeletal system will have its limits and that is where having good desk posture is crucial.

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Sitting in a poor, slouched, unsupported position means that after a much shorter period, your muscles will become overloaded and pain and injury will set in. Improving your posture will help prevent headaches, muscles aches and pains and more importantly, prolapsed discs.

So, the first step for correcting posture is correcting your working station and from there correcting your posture!

Here are three simple top tips to start you off!

  1. Correct your head posture: Top of your screen should be at eye level so you may need a laptop stand or to place your PC up onto a few books.
  2. Relax the shoulders: Resting your forearms on the desk will help with this!
  3. Ensure you have your back supported: Sit back into you chair and if you feel your back still is not getting the support it needs, you can use a pillow or purchase a lumbar support from our clinic.

Your physiotherapist, will of course go through ergonomic corrections in much more detail as everyone’s office and home set up is different but hopefully these few tips help!

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