Chronic Ankle Instability

Chronic ankle instablility can cause severe on-going ankle pain if not addressed properly. It usually occurs after a one or multiple lateral ankle sprains.

It can lead to continued symptoms such as swelling, weakness, instability and balance issues for more than 6 months after the inital injury. Chronic ankle instability will not rectify on its own, it will require physiotherapy intervention.

Your physiotherapist may examine to see if you have a chronic ankle instability issue. These indicators may include; an inability to complete jumping and landing tasks within 2 weeks of initial injury, poorer dynamic control on the star excursion balance test at 6 months after the initial injury, poorer self-reported functions on the foot and ankle ability measure.

Your physiotherapist will assess all joints affected by the injury as well as those affected by an altered gait or limping. They will work with you to normalise correct movement at all stages of recovery. In particular they will focus on rehabilitation work to help to gradually strengthen your ankle and lower limb so you can return to normal activites. A combination of soft tissue massage techniques, dry needling, stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises will be used to achieve this.

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Chronic Ankle Instability - pain around ankle

Reoccurring Ankle Sprains & Ligament Injuries

The most common acute sporting injuries seen are acute ankle sprains or ligament injuries in the ankle. The ankle has many ligaments to support the foot in different directions. These ligaments are usually damaged by quick turns, explosive twists or ‘going over’ on your foot.

There are 3 possible grades of tear to any ligament simply numbered 1,2 and 3, with grade 1 being minor damage and grade 3 being a complete tear.

If you suspect ligament damage in your ankle or an ankle sprain you should book a consultation with Archview Physiotherapy Clinic. Here one of our physiotherapists, physical therapists or sports therapists can assess and determine which ligament is injured, what grade of tear you may have and can then proceed to treat the injury.

Initially for any ankle sprain or ligament injury rest, ice, compression and elevation, also known as RICE, is recommended to reduce swelling and it enhances a quicker recovery in the initial 24 -48 hours. From there your therapist will work with you to restore a full range of motion, strengthen and condition the surrounding muscles and ligaments, work on proprioception and balance and eventually use functional exercises to aid in your return to daily life or sport.

If the correct rehabilitation is not followed it is very likely for a person to endure multiple or reoccurring ankle sprains. Many people claim it is due to having ‘weak’ ankles. However, with professional rehabilitation this problem will be minimised.

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