Preventing Hamstring Injuries

Dry needling of hamstrings

Is there any way of preventing hamstrings injuries? We are often asked how to avoid or reduce your chances of getting a hamstring injury. It’s possible. People with excellent hamstring flexibility and strength (particularly eccentric strength) are less prone to injure their hamstrings, according to research. 

When your muscle contracts while lengthening, it is said to have eccentric strength. Although difficult to perform, the Nordic eccentric hamstring exercise has been demonstrated to reduce the occurrence of hamstring strains in elite athletes.

Agility exercises, such as the single leg hop and drop jump, can also help preventing hamstring injuries. Jumping, running, and performing high-speed starting and stopping can all help to train the hamstrings to work effectively in sports.

Good mobility, muscular control of the hamstrings and associated muscles, and agility may have a preventive impact. Working with your physiotherapist or sports therapist will help reduce your risk considerably of a hamstring strain or reoccurrence.

Dry needling is a very effective way to improve flexibility of your hamstring and to remove muscle knots that are impacting on your overall hamstring strength and endurance. This is a very effective modality use at Archview Physiotherapy Clinic by many of our clinicians.

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