Shin splints or Medial Tibia Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

Shin Splints is a term used to describe shin pain which is very a common complaint especially in runners. Many will suffer from shin splints after increasing training intensity or distance, or changing the surface they run on.

Shin splints can have a number of causes including: Overuse causing irritated and swollen muscles. Stress fractures. Overpronation or ‘flat feet’ and other biomechanical issues. Muscle imbalance or weakness

Treatment for shin splints may include: Rest from aggravating activities – rest is required to allow any swelling or irritation to calm down. Rest will be required to allow stress fractures to heal. Correction of  biomechanical issues – depending on what is causing the issue this may include exercises to strengthen any weakness and/or orthotic devises. Correction of muscle imbalances – any imbalances will need to be corrected to ensure the pain does not return. This can be done through a combination of treatment and rehabilitation.

Your therapist will carry out a full assessment to determine the cause of shin pain. A comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan will then be discussed with you. Your treatment will include a range of treatment techniques and rehabilitation exercises. This is to help you regain full function and to help ensure the pain does not return.

Female athlete sitting on kerb holding her shin
Athletes lower leg in runners standing on a running track
An image of a tennis player with shin splints